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24 August 2008 @ 09:14 pm
Read the subject babes! Tis my birthday today! I am offically 15!


Oh and on an off note, my laptop is going away for a few days, so updates from me shall be few and sparsed until I get it back. There's something wrong with the motherboard, ergo GeekSquad will have it for at ileasti a week and a half. I'm stuckusing my sister's computers - whenever she's not using it herself - for the next while. Le sigh.
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17 August 2008 @ 08:50 pm
So, apparently, you've somehow stubled across the blog of three best friends. Forever_Illicit is our attempt of trying to stay in-touch and remain friends for a lifetime. 

Some people may think we're chessy loser - we probably are at times. Other people might assume that we're annoying bitches that are searching for attention. better yet, you might assume that we're just a set of stupid girls with nothing to do.

Well we aren't. We just happened to need a way to keep talking - even when we're all seperated, or our cell phones have been taken away, or MSN is being an annoying ugh once again. To be honest, we're all smart girls, but we're far from perfect. We're recording our attempt to try to better ourselves and become better people. We aren't stuck-up snobs, or self-obsessed bitches. No, we're just best friends.

Anyways, before anyone makes an attempt to judge us, take the time to truly get to know us. You might be surprised to find out that we're just a couple more teenage girls. 

As of currently Forever_Illicit is  mainly members-only open to the public [this is subject to change...possibly]. You can flip through our community, individual blogs, or comment on this entry for membership consideration.
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